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Appliance hacks: Simple tips and tricks to keep your new appliances running smoothly

April 28, 2023

Appliances are a large investment. Ideally, your appliances will last as long as possible and have few issues over their lifespan, saving you money.

Wondering how you can maximize your appliance’s performance? Here are some simple tips and tricks you can follow to keep your appliances running smoothly for years to come.


Invest in Professional Installation & Delivery

We highly recommend professional installation and delivery with any new appliance purchase. With such a large investment, why take the risk of damaging your appliance on the drive home or causing issues with incorrect installation?

Howard’s offers quality, fast, free, and frictionless next-day delivery and professional installation by uniformed expert-trained crews. Our experts will ensure that your appliance is handled properly throughout the delivery process and properly installed, increasing your appliance’s longevity.

Carefully Unpackage and Install Your Appliance

Whether you are choosing to bring your new appliance home on your own or installation and delivery is not an option, if you will be installing and picking up your appliance on your own, carefully consider your unpacking and installation approach.

Every appliance requires different steps to be taken for proper installation and unboxing. Some general guidelines we recommend include:

  • Research proper installation and unboxing procedures before starting.
  • Fully read the manual provided with your appliance.
  • If your appliance requires installation, research and/or watch videos prior to starting the process.
  • We recommend having at least two people to help with large appliances.

Ensure You Have Adequate Space & Proper Ventilation

Providing your appliances with enough space to operate properly is vital to their performance. Before you start shopping for any new appliance, measure the space you have available for its placement and consider room for proper ventilation as well.

This is especially important for appliances that use gas and heat sources as well as refrigerators. Limited space for ventilation can cause damage to your home or cause your appliances to overheat.


Install Available Apps for Maintenance Reminders & Troubleshoot Issues

Closely monitoring and optimizing your appliance’s performance has never been easier. If you have a device that has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities, take advantage of these features to help you keep your appliance running smoothly.

These apps can remind you to perform regular maintenance tasks that can be easily forgotten like cleaning your washing machine or changing your refrigerator’s filter. If tasks like these are ignored or too long, they can lead to larger issues and hinder performance.

Smart apps can also alert you to problems before they escalate and provide you with tips to troubleshoot or fix any problems.

Set a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Having a regular cleaning schedule is extremely important for your appliances. Making sure that your appliance is clean will prevent build-up that can lead to issues down the road.

Some general tips we recommend include:

  • Deep clean your dishwasher’s interior once every three months with this step-by-step dishwasher cleaning process.
  • Clean your washing machine once a month. Follow these steps to properly clean your washing machine and leave the lid open after each use.
  • Clean your grill after each use and do a full clean at the beginning and end of each season. Here are more detailed tips on how to safely clean your grill.
  • Regularly pull your refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum the area behind it as well as any dust that has built up on the back of it to ensure proper ventilation.

Regularly Inspect Your Appliances for Issues

Small issues like cracked dishwasher trays or damaged seals can be easy to ignore. But if left unaddressed for too long, these issues can lead to larger problems for your appliance.

Regularly inspect your appliance for small problems that can easily be fixed and replace any broken parts if needed.


Howard’s Appliance

If you are in the market for a new appliance, shop at Howard's Appliance in Southern California. Our team of experts has over 75 years of experience helping our customers select the right appliances for their homes and providing advice on how to keep them running smoothly for years to come.

We offer a wide selection of ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, and more from leading brands that have decades of reliable performance.

GE Profile 30in Smart Slide-In Front-Control Gas Double Oven Convection Fingerprint Resistant Range

GE Profile 30" Smart Slide-In Front-Control Gas Double Oven Convection Fingerprint Resistant Range

LG 4.5 cu. ft. Ultra Large Capacity Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer with Built-In Intelligence & Steam Technology

LG 4.5 cu. ft. Ultra Large Capacity Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer with Built-In Intelligence & Steam Technology

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher 24in Stainless steel

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher 24" Stainless steel


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