Throw the Best BBQ Party with This Checklist

August 2, 2019 by Waverly Wilde

Its official: summer has arrived! Summer is one of the best seasons of the year; it’s filled with delicious fresh fruits, baseball games, s’mores around the campfire, and that’s right, a good BBQ party.

BBQ parties aren’t just for the Fourth of July, either, although it is one of the best days of the year to fire up the grill. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, just about every weekend is an opportunity to have friends and family over for a BBQ party. With this ultimate BBQ party checklist, you can worry less about the party prep and focus more on spending time with your friends and family.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Charcoal Grill

There’s not much out there that beats the beautiful, smoked flavor of meat or veggies cooked on a charcoal grill. Big Green Egg grills are a great option, especially if you have kids or pets. The shell is ceramic, so the outside gets less hot than some other grills. Plus, they have precise temperature control that not all charcoal grills offer, so you’ll achieve perfectly cooked burgers each and every single time.

Maybe You Want Your Grill to Match Your Yard

If you’re the type of person who has a beautifully planned out house that flows perfectly from room to room, you should consider investing in a built-in grill. Built-in grills will fit seamlessly into your outdoor kitchen, so the perfect aesthetic you worked so hard to achieve will extend into the backyard.

Free Standing Grills are also a Great Option

Maybe you aren’t looking to redo your entire backyard for a built-in, or you just want a grill that you’ll bring out for barbecues and roll away when it’s not in use. If either of these sounds like you, you probably want to invest in a free-standing grill. There are plenty of fuel options when choosing a free-standing grill, too, from propane to charcoal, to electric or natural gas.

S’mores Kit

No summer party is complete without roasting s’mores over an open fire. Whether you’re camping or throwing a great BBQ party, you always have to be prepared with s’mores supplies for when the sun goes down. If you have this Hershey’s S’mores kit on deck, your BBQ party menu will always be complete!

Outdoor Firepit

You can’t have s’mores without a fire! When the sun goes down and the temperature starts to cool down, the fun shouldn’t have to stop. You can just light up the firepit in the backyard and pour everyone another drink. Summer is the perfect time to sit under the stars and have a good time around the fire. If you have kids, pitch a tent and encourage them to “camp” in the backyard!

Inflatable Cooler

When the summer days really heat up, you need to keep your snacks and drinks chilled. Instead of lugging around a heavy ice chest, try these inflatable coolers. They can sit flat on the table, so if you have a plate of cheese or other snacks that need to stay chilled, they can just go on top of the ice in the cooler. The best part? They can be rinsed out, dried off, and stored until you need them for your next BBQ party!

Pop Up Food Covers

If you plan on keeping appetizers out while you cook or keeping your delicious grilled meats out for people who want to go back for seconds, you’ll need something to keep those pesky bugs at bay. Of course, citronella candles are great, but these pop-up food covers will go the extra mile. Plus, they’re transparent, so your guests can peruse the snacks before they reach in to grab a few treats.

Trader Joes BBQ Rub and Seasoning

Once you have your grill set up and your backyard is prepped for a BBQ, it’s time to start thinking about the BBQ party menu. What kind of meat do you want to grill? And how do you want to season it? Trader Joe’s has the seasoning covered with their BBQ Rub and Seasoning. This rub is made with coffee grounds and plenty of garlic, giving it a really balanced spicy, smoky, salty, and sweet flavor.

For even more food ideas, check out our comprehensive BBQ menu! Happy grilling!



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