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Five Luxury Laundry Products You Deserve

March 26, 2020

Laundry is something you do almost, if not, every week. Why not make it a luxury as opposed to a chore? Learn about five luxury laundry products we think you deserve.

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Whether you have a laundry space or laundry closet, there’s no ignoring how often you’re transferring clean wet clothing into the heating bin of your dryer. Fortunately, Howard’s is here with our list of luxury laundry products that can rethink laundry and give you softer, cleaner clothes in the process.

By choosing to upgrade to brand-new, luxury laundry products, you commit to high-end, eco-friendly appliances and specialized cleaning accessories that will perform well for years.

Samsung Flex washer and dryer

1. Flex Washers and Dryers

A recent push in luxury laundry products is the double-duty washer and dryer or Flex washers and dryers. The new level of flexibility afforded by two separately controlled washing or drying chambers in the same unit allows for specialized washing and eco-friendly solutions.

The main chamber is designed for full-size laundry loads like you’re accustomed to. The washers often include sanitizing steam settings as well as a list of customizable functions to clean a variety of fabrics and materials. Additionally, they offer the numerous known benefits of front load washers, like energy and water-efficient cleaning. The smaller washer is designed to quietly handle delicates, sensitive colors, or small loads you need cleaned in a jiffy.

The dryer is just as worthy of a mention. These luxury laundry products contain moisture sensors that control the drying cycles to improve the efficiency and safety of your dryer. The dryer’s steam function quickly reduces wrinkling or offers a sanitization option for items like stuffed animals.

2. Sidekicks

Similar to the smaller chambers on flex washers, pedestal side kick washers offer a compact laundry solution. These drawer sized luxury laundry products incorporate underneath your existing washer for added load capacity or function as a specialized washing space. Other options include installation into the cabinetry for an inconspicuous washing space. The benefits of the ingenious sidekick washer are afforded flexibility and function offered to users.

Samsung luxury air dresser

3. At-Home Dry Cleaning

These luxury laundry products are making a bold statement in the laundry appliances industry. Their essential function is to offer all of the benefits of dry-cleaning in the comfort and convenience of your home.

These locker-sized appliances can fit into an existing laundry room or integrate inside your closet space where multiple fabrics, from shirts and ties to sweaters and suits, are refreshed and deodorized without the use of water or detergent. The sophisticated appliance is an eco-friendly addition to your home, that offers inexorable flexibility and function.

Best in class is the LG Styler, and the Samsung Airdresser in this burgeoning line of luxury laundry products.

4. Luxury Detergents

You’ve likely been using supermarket laundry detergent your entire life, and you haven’t thought of potential replacements. Luxury laundry detergent brands offer the same, often better, cleaning power but lovely scents all without the use of harsh chemicals.

We love the laundry products from The Laundress. The eco-friendly brand was created to answer consumer frustration with ineffective natural cleaning products and the worries of toxic cleaning chemicals. Their cult-classic Signature Detergent is available in gallon sizes that last up to 256 washes that leave your clothes smelling lovely and feeling lavish. They also have specialty detergents designed to clean and preserve specific fabric types.

5. Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets are non-recyclable single-use items full of chemicals and oils. These seemingly innocuous little sheets can put a serious strain on the environment as the waste begins to build.

Instead, you can buy or even hand-make your own wool dryer balls. As the wool balls tumble in the dryer, they create air pockets between your clothes to naturally reduce wrinkles, static, and drying time (perfect for babies or those with skin sensitivity). Simply add three to four reusable wool dryer balls per load, depending on load size. The wool lasts over 500 loads and is backyard compost compliant at the end of its lifecycle.

Make Luxury Your

Luxury laundry products are gaining traction in the market as the technology becomes more efficient and affordable. Not but a few years ago, the idea of a home dry cleaning appliance would conjure images of bulky room dominating units. Now the technology is here for compact leading-edge luxury laundry products that move the industry forward.

If these products have inspired you to upgrade your laundry room, visit your local Howard’s store to interact with showroom displays, and ask our friendly customer service staff about all of our luxury laundry products.

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