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Five Thermador Products We Have Our Eye On

March 23, 2020

Howard’s offers some insight into our favorite Thermador products, from top-of-the-line cooking ranges to luxury wine refrigeration. Read on.

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Since 1916, the reputation of Thermador products has been synonymous with exceptional quality and luxury. Throughout their 75 year history, pushing boundaries has become ingrained in their DNA. Thermador is credited with introducing the stand-alone cooktop, producing the first wall oven, and integrating downdraft ventilation into their products. Recently, they showcased their innovative and personalized column refrigeration.

Thermador products are designed to fit into your existing space and bring harmony and utility anywhere they are implemented. Their visual design philosophy falls into two schools: The Masterpiece Collection and The Professional Collection. The Thermador Masterpiece Collection products focuses on sleek, elegant, and modern designs that seamlessly blend into your kitchen cabinetry. The Professional Collection, which appeals to serious cooks, offers bold, eye-catching statement pieces designed to add character to your home.

Regardless of your personal design preferences, from a quality and engineering standpoint, Thermador is one of the best brands in luxury appliances on the market. A veritable cornucopia of innovations, features, integrations, and customizable components provide unparalleled utility.

As you can tell, we have a deep appreciation for the thought that goes into every Thermador product, but here are the five best Thermador products we have our eye on.

thermador 60 in range

1. Pro Grand Range

Pro Grand Ranges combine ultimate personalization with leading culinary technology to produce bold, high-end ranges that are perfect for the avid cook or designers looking for a show-stopping kitchen centerpiece. These Thermador products suit both large and compact kitchens, and feature patented innovations like the Star® Burner with ExtraLow® simmer.

The Pro Grand line of Thermador products allows home chefs to select which cooking surface and oven combinations fit their personal cooking and entertaining style. Options include dual-zone griddles, grills, and griddle combos, and even include classic convection ovens, steam ovens, or combinations of a convection oven and warming drawer. Explore all sizes, styles, and ventilation products to discover the Pro Grand Range that inspires your creativity and transforms your kitchen into the culinary center of your dreams.

thermador Personalized Culinary Perservation Centers

2. Culinary Preservation Centers (Refrigeration)

Due to the customizable nature of Thermador products, they felt the need to create a new category of personalized refrigeration. Dubbed Culinary Preservation Centers, these highly personalized kitchen appliances allow you to configure your own combo of fridges, freezers, and wine columns to create a preservation center that caters to your individual needs. These innovative centers make it easy to do what you love most, whether it’s throwing dinner parties, inviting friends over to sample wines, or separating storage for a special space.

3. Cooktops

The central design philosophy behind Thermador cook and range tops is to combine modern elegance, culinary ambition, and unrivaled flexibility. Whether you prefer cooking on a classic gas-fueled rangetop or the seamless striking designs of electric cooktops, Thermador offers top-of-the-line appliances that empower your cooking. The freedom of cooking without boundaries creates opportunities to mingle and enjoy your kitchen in a way that’s better suited to your lifestyle.

Thermador’s induction cooktop takes things a step further and offers an appliance so smart that it can recognize the size, shape, and position of the cookware regardless of where it lies on the surface. Imagine a kitchen island with one of these gorgeous Thermador products integrated into the countertop, where you can host and cook without ever turning your back to your guests.

4. Specialty Refrigeration

Similar to the Culinary Preservation Center, Thermador specialty refrigeration syncs with your lifestyle with a selection of under-counter refrigerator drawers and wine columns that you can place throughout the home. Place paneled under-counter refrigeration in an office to seamlessly offer beverages to visitors. Or perhaps you want to separate your make-up or pet food and need an elegant solution that doesn’t interrupt the design of your home.

Thermador wine columns extend similar versatility with three-zone temperature control and custom panel options. Additions like presentation shelving let you showcase your favorite vintages, allowing you to pull attention towards your wine collection. Thermador’s full selection of specialty refrigeration invites you to give any space, be it a yoga room or reading nook, added function, flexibility, and fun.

star sapphire thermador dishwasher

5. Star-Sapphire® Dishwashers

Dishwashers always play a supporting role in the kitchen and often come as an afterthought in the design process. Thermador has designed the fastest dishwasher in the industry, capable of a 20-minute hot water wash cycle. These incredibly useful Thermador products feature all of the customization and quality you come to expect from the brand.

Never worry about interrupting a dinner party with a sinkful of glassware and place settings again; your dishes will be clean and dry by the time you open a new bottle. Avid entertainer? Consider two dishwashers, - the Thermador Glass Care Center is a must and is guaranteed to remove even the toughest of lipstick stains.

Final Thoughts

Thermador products offer unprecedented luxury, personalization, and freedom of design. Whether you’re interested in the Thermador products listed here or any of their many other appliances, you cannot go wrong designing your kitchen with Thermador’s luxury selection.

If you’re worried that Thermador might be out of your price range, Howard’s proudly offers rebates on qualifying models as part of the brand’s 1-2-Free Program. The program allows buyers to build the kitchen they truly want by rewarding bundle purchases with free appliances, like dishwashers, or discounted extensions and modules. Visit your local Howard’s store for inspirational vignettes and showroom displays of Thermador products.

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