Gas Range vs Induction Cooking

October 2, 2020

The kitchen is becoming the most popular room in the home now more than ever. People are falling back in love with home-cooked meals so it is no wonder that ranges are flying out of stores at a crazy rate! With all of the food blogs, apps, and meal pictures we are constantly exposed to, we are all a little inspired to find our inner Betty Crocker.
If you find yourself in the market for a kitchen range, you may be surprised to see all of the options available. There truly is something for everyone. You will find range varieties such as gas and induction, so how do you decide which is the right option for creating your memorable meals?

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What are the benefits of cooking with gas vs induction?

Cooking on a gas range:

Gas ranges are a cult favorite of many because it is in their comfort zone and what they are most familiar with. While cooking, the gas flame is a visual indication of the amount of heat being used.

Benefits of gas ranges include:

  • The ability to quickly adjust the temperature. The flame can quickly be adjusted and turned off as necessary to prevent food burning or injury.
  • Any cookware type can be used on a gas range for cooking. There is no need to purchase a specific style.

Cooking on an induction range:

Induction ranges use electromagnetism to cook your food. The magnetic field created from a metal coil under the cooktop generates a current that causes the pan to heat.

Benefits of cooking on an induction range include:

  • Because the focus of the heat is on the pan, thecooktop itself remains relatively cool.
  • Induction cooking is more energy-efficient. Only a minimal amount of heat (10%) is lost while cooking. This also means no more toasty kitchens while cooking!

What are the main differences to consider between gas and induction cooking?

One important thing to consider when choosing a range for cooking is the upfront cost. Induction ranges are a bigger initial investment due to the higher price tag and possible need of replacing your current selection of pots and pans.
Kitchen habits and lifestyle are also a consideration. Are you someone who is in the habit of immediately cleaning up after a meal? Whether you are or are not, an induction range makes clean-up a breeze. Since the surface area does not get hot, you never have to worry about baked-on spills.

Do you have questions or need help deciding whether an induction range or gas range is right for you?

We can help. You can stop into one of our 12 locations to shop in person and work with a specialist on finding the appliance that fits your lifestyle, or you can shop online at to see which appliances are available. Howard’s offers free home delivery on appliance purchases over $399 to the Southern California area.
Contact us today for more information or to have one of our experienced customer service representatives help you build your dream kitchen.


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GE 30" Free-Standing Gas Range

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GE 30" Free-Standing Gas Range

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