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Our Favorite Grilled Chicken Recipes

June 10, 2022

Days are getting longer, temperatures are getting warmer, and everyone is getting their grills out.

grilling chicken over open flame

One of the summer grilling staples is grilled chicken. However, it can be tricky to grill correctly. Too often it turns out dry or burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

Tips for Grilling Chicken

Over the years, we have picked up on a few tips that may help you to be more successful this summer with your chicken grilling:

  • Picking the right cut. Is this a quick weeknight meal or a day where you have time to relax and grill slowly in the backyard? If you have time, you may want to grill a whole bird or bone-in breasts. If you are looking for a quick and easy meal, chicken kabobs or something with smaller cuts of meat would be better.
  • Pound chicken breasts. To get a quick, even cook, pound the thicker end of boneless chicken breast with a meat hammer.
  • Cover the grill. Do not grill with the lid off. Food takes longer to cook with the lid off and is harder to regulate temperature. A covered grill will keep a more even temperature and allow an even cook.
  • Use indirect heat. Unlike steak, it’s not ideal to sear chicken. Chicken cooks better with medium, indirect heat. If you are using a charcoal grill, you may want to put coal on half of the grill and cook your chicken on the other side.
  • Use a thermometer. Chicken needs to be 165°F. If you don't have one, cut the thickest part of the piece of meat and look for clear juices and meat that is no longer translucent.

Grilling Chicken with a Rotisserie

Select grills include rotisserie setups or rotisserie grill accessories that can be purchased separately. If done correctly rotisserie chicken is hard to beat.

Some important tips for grilling rotisserie chicken include loosening up the skin and putting softened butter and spices under it, tying up the bird tightly to ensure an even cook, and spraying it with vegetable spray before grilling. The vegetable spray helps the seasoning stick and gives the chicken a good golden color.

One of our favorite rotisserie chicken recipes is this one from Malcom Reed, cooked on a Napoleon Gas Grill. Watch the video below to see Malcom’s process step-by-step.


Our Favorite Recipes

At Howard’s, we have found these to be some of our go-to chicken recipes for backyard barbecues or just a quick dinner during the workweek.

Beer Can Chicken

If you’re looking to break up the grilled chicken breast and vegetable monotony that sometimes sets in during summer, try a Beer Can Chicken. If you are not a beer drinker, water, soda, or juice will also work for this recipe. One of our favorites is this Beer Can Chicken recipe from Big Green Egg. Take a look below.


Chicken Alfredo with Grilled Apples

Tired of the same meals over and over? Give this meal a try, if you’re looking for something a little out the box for a new meal or a dinner party this summer, check out this tasty Chicken Alfredo recipe from Taste of Home.

grilled chicken alfredo

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