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Holiday Cooking with Weber Grills

December 30, 2022

Grilling your holiday meal can be a fun experience and add a little flare, and smokey flavor, to holiday favorites like ham, turkey, and roast beef. Whether your family enjoys visiting on the patio or you just enjoy grilling, holiday cooking on your Weber grill is a great family tradition.

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No matter what you are grilling this year, you will need to have the best equipment to get the job done. Below are the best grills for cooking in the winter and a few of our favorite grilled holiday recipes.

Best Grills for Grilling in the Winter

If you are local to Howard’s in Southern California, you know that we are lucky enough to have year-round grilling weather. Even if winters in your area are mild, there are still some considerations to keep in mind.

In most areas, winter weather comes with increased winds. Propane grills can easily be blown out if winds are strong enough. A pellet or charcoal grill is more resistant to high wind speeds and less likely to be blown out.

We highly recommend investing in a pellet grill to allow you the opportunity to choose from many different flavored pellets and ensure your grilling game will stay strong all year round.

Weber Smokefire Wood Pellet Grills

If you are looking for the ultimate pellet grill experience, then the Weber Smokefire EX6 and Weber Smokefire EX4 pellet grills are your best options.

These two grills only vary in size and price. The Smokefire EX6 offers 1,008 square inches of dual grilling space while the Smokefire EX4 offers 672 square inches.

Both grills offer all these amazing features you are going to love:

  • A temperature range of 200°F to 600°F allows you to grill with many methods from searing to smoking.
  • The porcelain-enamel finish on these grills retains heat and helps to prevent rust and cracking.
  • Weber Signature Flavorizer Bars distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking grate.
  • Weber Connect smart technology allows you to easily monitor your grill for perfect wood-fired food with each use.

These grills come backed by a 100-Day Money Back Guarantee, but we are positive you will not need to take advantage of that.

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The Best Holiday Weber Recipes

With years of experience selling and grilling on Weber grills ourselves, we know which recipes are best for the holidays.

Smoked brisket is one of our favorite holiday recipes. Watch the video below for tips on how to smoke your brisket this year.

If your family does not like brisket, try some of these other amazing holiday recipes on your Weber grill.

Rely on Howard’s This Year

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Weber Smokefire EX6 Wood Pellet Grill - Black

Weber Smokefire EX6 Wood Pellet Grill - Black

Weber Smokefire EX4 Wood Pellet Grill - Black

Weber Smokefire EX4 Wood Pellet Grill - Black


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