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Safety Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Safe This Holiday

December 25, 2020

Breakfast bakes, holiday cookies, and glazed hams are a few of the holiday kitchen favorites that are right around the corner. This time of year is the perfect time to bring out the timeless recipes that provide comfort and remind us of happy times. We hope you are as excited as we are!

As we prepare for the season of holiday baking and cooking, please take a moment to read the holiday safety tips for your kitchen below.

Christmas in the Kitchen

Safety Tips For Before You Start Cooking

  • Test all smoke detectors in the home and make sure they are working properly. Pay close attention to the smoke detector nearest to the kitchen. Replace any batteries as needed.

  • Make sure your oven is clean and does not have any past food spills on the bottom. Not only can this cause a grease fire, but it could lead to quite the smoke scene in your kitchen!

  • Pro Tip: Many ovens have a self-cleaning setting, consider running a self-clean on your oven prior to the holidays. This will ensure that your oven is clean for the big day, and you can avoid any fires, smoke, or odd smells coming from your oven while you are hosting guests. Shop our selection of ovens and ranges online today, or contact a product specialist to find the right appliance for your needs.

  • Avoid any tripping hazards and remove anything from the floors before you start cooking. Finding a dog’s chew toy that is half-hidden under a counter while you’re carrying a hot cookie sheet is a recipe for disaster! Also, close any cabinet doors that are open prior to cooking.

  • Dress appropriately. We know, we know, who dresses to cook? Just be sure to have long hair pulled back, and avoid wearing any loose-fitting or dangling sleeves.

  • Download the Red Cross First Aid App in your app store. This is a great resource for minor scrapes and burns.

Safety Tips While Cooking

  • Be cautious around boiling water and steam. In this age of pressure cooking and multi-appliance cooking, do not find yourself so rushed you make a careless mistake and end up with a burn.

  • Do not leave food unattended while cooking. When broiling or roasting, always remain close by and check often.

  • Pro Tip: Set timers on your microwave, oven, phone, or wherever you choose to remind yourself you have food cooking. Let us help you find the perfect kitchen appliance to meet your needs. Stop into one of our 12 locations in Southern California today to work directly with one of our specialists to find the perfect appliance for your home.

  • Keep flammable items away from heat sources. Find a place for your oven mitts, towels, and napkins away from stovetops and ovens.

Kitchen Safety Tips for After Cooking

  • Make sure to clean your floors to avoid any slip and falls. Clean countertops, stovetops, and any oven spills to prevent grease buildups.

  • Do one final kitchen sweep. Make sure all kitchen appliances are turned off and unplug any not in use. Even if appliances are turned off, if they are plugged in they are using electricity and add unnecessary risk.

Looking For The Perfect Kitchen Appliances? Come to Howard’s.

Stop into one of our 12 locations to shop in person and work with a specialist on finding the range or oven that fits your lifestyle, or you can shop online at Howards.com. Howard’s offers free home delivery on appliance purchases over $399 to the Southern California area.

Contact us today for more information or to have one of our experienced product specialists partner with you to find the perfect kitchen appliances for your home this holiday season.


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