5 Home Appliances for a Family Friendly Home

June 27, 2019 by Waverly Wilde

As you and your family change, so does your home. From the colors on the walls, to the photos you display in the halls, and even the appliances you use every day – sometimes it’s time for an update to stay in touch with your family’s current needs. So, as your family is growing, what kind of home appliances are best for you and your loved ones? Here are a few incredible appliances you’ll want working alongside you and your kin.

For the busy family

Whether it’s soccer practice, your grocery list, or a specific recipe you want to use for dinner, it’s safe to say there is a lot to keep track of every day. But luckily you don’t have to keep it all in your head! With a Samsung Wi-Fi enabled Family Hub refrigerator, you’ll have a 21.5 inch touch screen to help manage your chores, activities, and so much more!
Need to know the weather? Boom – it’s right there. Want to know what’s going on with everyone’s schedule? The Family Hub syncs everyone’s calendars so you’ll always know what events are happening. You’ll even be able to share photos and notes! This fridge is perfect for a busy household and helps the whole family stay connected.

For the family that’s active

Families that exercise together, are stinky together. And if you have a large family, having a washing machine that can take on large, smelly laundry piles is ideal. Not to mention, you’ll need a washer that can handle getting out sweat stains and has the power to sanitize your bacteria-ridden clothes thoroughly. Stay healthy and clean with a washer from Howard’s.

For the family that touches everything

Do you have little ones who like to put their hands on everything? It’s a scary thing when your 2-year-old can finally reach the top of the range or cooktop. Fortunately, there’s cooking technology out there that makes burned fingers a thing of the past. With an induction cooktop, you can relax knowing that not only are your children’s fingers safe, but so are yours. The flat surface only heats up magnetic cookware, so you’ll never have to worry about curious fingers touching a hot burner again.

For the family that takes their time

If your family likes to wait till the 3rd time you’ve called them before they come to the dinner table, then you understand how hard it is keeping food from getting cold. Wouldn’t it be amazing if food just stayed warm forever? With the power of a warming drawer, nobody will have a cold plate in the house again! Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to stop yelling, “Come get dinner before food gets cold!”

For the messy family

After every meal, there always seems to be an explosion in the kitchen. Often times, it takes a lot of dishes to make dinner, and sometimes even more to eat it. So, after you’re done eating – and soaking in the euphoria of a food coma – jumping on the dish cleaning train isn’t something you want to do right away.

But, when you use a dishwasher with QuadWash technology, your dishes will be easier than they ever were before! Don’t rinse or wash your plates before putting them in – this dishwasher has the extreme power of FOUR rotating spray arms, making sure everything gets clean the first time.

Is it time you updated your kitchen to fit your family’s needs? We think so, and at Howard’s, we make it our top goal to help you find the appliances that are right for you. Visit your local Howard’s today to get the help you need to bring the kitchen you and your loved ones wanted home.

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