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How to Find the Best Deals on Appliances

May 13, 2020

Howard’s wants to show you how to get the best appliance deals you can by taking advantage of sales, rebates, and outlet shopping.

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We’re always looking for the best prices. Whether it’s on a set of pots and pans or the best appliance deals, finding a budget-friendly price is something everyone strives for. This counts double for appliance shopping. Maybe you left your old appliances behind when you moved, perhaps you feel like your home needs an update, or worse yet your trusty appliances are on their last legs. Luckily for you, Howard's has some tips to help you find the best appliance deals and find budget-friendly solutions.

Outlets Stores and Clearance Appliances

Outlet shopping is one of the most overlooked means of securing the best appliance deals. People will often shrug off these retailers with the false notion of inferior products and limited selections. However, the savvy shopper will know what to look for and just how much they can save at the outlets.

Outlet stores offer much of the same products you’ll find in regular retail stores. More often than not, retailers will ship their clearance and open-box items to a central outlet location in order to free up precious sales space for newer products or unopened boxes.

Returned and slightly damaged items will always net you some of the best appliance deals if you’re willing to take home a slightly worn product. You can ask a sales associate why a product was returned, but most often damages are superficial and easy to repair or hide. Or you may get lucky and find an item that simply didn’t fit into someone’s home. Most of these appliances are new, generally unused, and function properly. The only thing that’s “wrong” with them (if anything is wrong at all) are small, cosmetic imperfections that are usually hard to notice or out of sight.

Luckily, Howard’s opened an outlet location in Pico Rivera where you’re sure to find the best appliance deals and receive the same excellent service we’re known for.

Shop the Sales

It’s pretty straightforward: to get the best appliance deals, you need to shop the sales. Like shoes or electronics, major appliances go on sale. Everyone knows about Holiday deals and Black Friday Sales, so we’ll shed some industry knowledge on other times of the year to hunt for the best appliance deals.

Here are a few tips:

  • Off-Season

    If you’ve bought a winter coat in the middle of summer, chances are you were able to get it at a massive discount. The same applies to out of season appliances like outdoor grills in the winter and space heaters in the middle of summer.

  • Three-day Weekends

    Appliance shopping during holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day can save you major money. Retailers offer lower prices during three-day weekends as a means to attract people during their day off. If you can hold off until one of these holiday weekends, your patience will pay off (literally).

  • After A New Product Release

    The latest and greatest appliances are often announced in January at the CES tradeshow, with the newly showcased products usually released later the same year. As with most inventories, prices on last year’s models drop when the newest units are introduced.

    Appliance manufacturers often release new models in October (with the exception of refrigerators, which usually release in May), this means you’ll see some aggressive discounts around these times as retailers need to make space for newer models. Increased access to more online reviews can also help with your decision-making process.

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Package deals

One of the best appliance deals is shopping for sets and packages. Appliance manufacturers would prefer you to fill your entire kitchen and home with their products, so they routinely offer incentive programs and rebates when you purchase multiple products at the same time.

In fact, it may be better to spend a little bit more upfront in order to get cash rebates, free products, and qualify for other incentives. For example, top luxury appliance manufacturer Thermador offers a 1-2-Free Program. The program allows buyers to build the kitchen they truly want by rewarding bundle purchases with free appliances, like dishwashers, or discounted extensions and modules. You’ll find other brands with similar promotions.

A side bonus is that all of your products will fit the same aesthetic, making your home look as if it were designed by a professional.

We Make Finding Deals Easy

With the proper preparation, finding the best appliance deals will come easy and give you confidence in your investment. Howard’s is always here to offer financing options, and regardless of the time of year or which Howard’s location you purchase from, we offer a 60-day price match guarantee so you can be confident you got your hands on the best appliance deals around. 

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