LG Home Appliances for Every Room

June 4, 2020

LG home appliances are becoming synonymous with customer satisfaction and eco-friendly tech. So we’re recommending some in every room of your home.


The LG tag-line "Life's Good" has become synonymous with the LG initials that many believe it is the company’s full name. That's not a bad thing at all when your stated company goal is to add value to your customers' lives. LG likes to think of themselves as "Delightfully Smart," and it's hard not to remember that when you see the smiley face logo on LG home appliances and electronics.

Most are familiar with LG electronics; however, LG home appliances consistently ranked as one of the best appliance brands on the market. According to a recent J.D Power report, LG ranked as their #1 brand for consumer satisfaction.

From the kitchen to the laundry room and every space in between, here's a list of our favorite LG home appliances for every room in the house.

Kitchen Appliances

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen. LG home appliances will make yours functionally elegant and energy-efficient.

Refrigerators: From top-of-the-line French door fridges to side-by-sides, LG home appliances offers some of the most innovative selections of refrigerators. Game-changing technology like craft ice makers, Wi-Fi integrations, and delightfully smart Instaview tech make their refrigerators the optimal kitchen appliances.

Ranges/Cooktops and Ovens: LG home appliances offer some of the largest single oven sizes in the industry to accommodate for any size meal. LG Ranges come feature-packed, including stainless steel trims, touch controls, and a variety of burner and griddle options offering true style and convenience so you can cook the way you want.

-Check out LG's 6.3 cu. ft. Gas Single Oven Slide-in Range for range with all the options.

Dishwashers: Dish duty just got easier. LG dishwashers offer intuitive controls for quick, convenient cleaning settings and energy/water efficiency as a priority.

Laundry Room Appliances

Because laundry puts a significant weight on your home energy and water usage, selecting efficient and dependable units is more important than ever. Picking LG home appliances means choosing products from the 2020 Energy Star Partner of the Year. Be confident you're making a sustainable choice.

Washers: Regardless of your loading preference, both LG front-load and top-load washing machines are designed to be energy and water efficient, top-loading models appeal to more traditional washing routines with updated efficiency. All LG washers offer streamlined aesthetics and performance.

-Check out LG's Mega Capacity TurboWash Washer for a machine that can handle any size load.

Dryers: LG dryers' focus on increased capacity and higher efficiency means less time drying clothes! Electric and gas options are available, but we love SteamDyers that help reduce wrinkles and further sanitize clothing.

Living Room Appliances

The living room is a place of recreation and relaxation. And LG home appliances are designed to suit the way you live, whether you love movies, sports, TV shows, indie films, music, or catching up on the millions of podcasts out there, it's never been easier to create the home theater of your dreams.

LG Televisions: Whether you choose an industry-leading 8K NanoCell TV or a more standard 4K television, LG promises vibrant colors and stunning details for everything you watch. In addition to stunning visual quality, LG TVs offer a plethora of tech integrations and compatibilities - including Apple Airplay2 and ThinQ AI that can transform the television into the centerpiece for your smart-tech-enabled home.

LG Sound Bars: If you don't know the truth about your built-in tv speakers yet, we'll tell you this: a soundbar is better. Whether you want a single soundbar or an entire audio system, you'll be happy you made the choice. LG soundbars offer stunning sound quality and sleek designs for a wide range of budget options.

Bedroom Appliances

The bedroom often doesn't include many appliances. Still, even for those select cases, LG home appliances offer a dependable solution, even if the goal is to improve your indoor comfort levels.

Televisions: Some people feel that a TV doesn't belong in the bedroom; others think it adds to the comfort and convenience of the room. LG offers televisions in smaller sizes, with all of the stunning visual quality you expect.

Air Purifiers: Air quality is something we should all be concerned about, especially those with allergies. LG offers several air purifiers that can sanitize your stuffy air and not obstruct your home's comfort. We love the LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier. This tower provides an all-around clean air solution for your home or apartment. But for office spaces or bedrooms, smaller air purifiers like the LG PuriCare™ Mini offers a compact solution that you can take anywhere you go.

Get Your LG Fix at Howard’s

LG home appliances focus on a healthy balance of innovation, dependability, and sustainability. The brand's continued commitment to energy efficiency and its proud display of customer consumer reports give consumers insight into the LG brand values and wish to maintain their hard-earned reputation.

Howard's proudly offers LG home appliances for all rooms in the home and sees them as an invaluable brand partner. Visit your local Howard's today and get some first-hand experience with LG brand products.


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