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Man Cave Products (and Gifts) Guide

June 29, 2020

Howard's made man cave products guide for those of you lucky enough to have your own little getaway inside the home, or as a gift guide for friends.


The fabled "man cave" is a subject that has gained a bit of notoriety as it's popularity rose. Some questioned whether a dedicated man cave in the house was fair, or why it existed in the first place. Regardless of how you feel about that aspect, the appeal and popularity of man caves are at an all-time high. In fact, there's even a show on the DIY network about man caves that ran for nine years!

For those unfamiliar with what a "man cave" is, it's essentially a private room/space/ area meant to act as a guy's sanctuary and place to go for fun and relaxation. Man cave products can range from exciting innovations like a VR station to the tried and true big-screen TV. Each cave is different, but there tend to be some staples that include: a place to sit, a place to store cold drinks, television, and a sound system. Everything else is optional.

We want to introduce a slight twist to the traditional idea of a man cave. Our suggested man cave products aim to elevate your, or a friend's, room away from the mess of a college frat house and towards a more functional space that incorporates the comforts of and elements of luxury.

specialty refrigeration for man cave

1. Refrigeration

Oftentimes man caves are much like the youngest child in a family: it gets all the hand-me-downs. So it's common to find the old family fridge plopped in the corner of the room, often noisily, humming along. Remember, our man cave products guide aims to elevate the space while maintaining the comforts it is fabled for. So, next time let them haul away your ancient top mount refrigerator, there's a reason you replaced it, and incorporate some specialty refrigeration.

Under counter refrigeration, like beverage coolers, are space-saving options that offer the convenience of glass doors and multiple racks. It's easy to see what's available and what needs a refill at a glance. Besides looking great, they're energy-efficient because their compact design is meant to hold as many drinks as it can and rapidly cool them. That big old fridge is not only an eyesore; it's a drain on the energy bill.

If you're a wine enthusiast, or someone else in the household is, specialty wine storage is also an amazing addition to your man cave. They also double as a great place to store your favorite spirits, so they're chilled and ready to pour when you want to indulge yourself. We love this wine column by Thermador -- it offers nine wooden dowels, multiple temperature zones, and even a display shelf to showcase your favorite bottles. With man cave products like this, everyone wins.

Special Mention: Freezers

Because man caves often occupy out of the way spaces, an extra room, the garage, a basement, they will sometimes play host to necessities, like the dedicated freezer. Just know that there are a lot more options than white chest freezers. You can find freezers in all manners of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Just make sure to find one that fits best with your look.

oled tv gx lifestyle

2. Television

The large television is a classic staple of the man cave. Our list of man cave products would not be respectable if we left off this absolute must-have. While some designs are beginning to move away from televisions in favor of HD projectors, we believe nothing can beat the visual quality of a 4K OLED TV.

These jaw-dropping televisions come in sizes ranging from 50" to the massive 77". But we are enamored with the LG Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TVs. These ultra-thin art-inspired televisions offer perfectly thin bezels with no gap from screen and wall to complement your room's interior even when it's turned off. Again, our suggestions aim to introduce an air of sleek luxury without sacrificing any comfort or, in this case, picture quality.

3. Sound System

If you haven't read our blog on TV speakers, then let us sum it for you quickly -- they're no good. Sure they're serviceable, but your place deserves far better than serviceable. Finding the perfect soundbar to complement your room is easy because you're sure to find a sleek speaker system with flexible applications like wireless connectivity and smart home compatibility for easy setup and limitless functionality. Can you say, "Alexa, I'm home"?

4. Optional

In an entirely optional twist, we wanted to include two man cave products we feel will add some much-needed freshness and elevate the comfort of the room without being too distracting.

  1. Steam Closets, like the LG Styler and Samsung Air Dresser, offer unprecedented cleaning flexibility in a compact space. It's the perfect addition to a cave; you can clean and refresh your jerseys before game day, and when those special occasions come up, your suit will be good to go.
  2. Air conditioner. This one's a no brainer. A man cave is meant to be comfortable; whether it's a shed, an attic, or a spare bedroom, an air conditioner will keep everyone cool and comfortable while relaxing. Portable air conditioning units have the added benefit of being movable from room to room.

Final Thoughts

Every man cave is different, but with these man cave products you can introduce a touch of luxury to your room without sacrificing comfort, or what makes it a special place in the home.

Let us know how your man cave turned out on Instagram and Facebook!

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