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Moving? Here's A List Of Appliances To Buy For Your New Home

Updated February 22, 2022

Moving brings a lot of joy as well as a lot of stress. Knowing which appliances you may have to purchase can help you plan ahead and have you enjoying your home more quickly.

kitchen with GE appliances

Moving to a new home can be a big adventure, but often a big stress. Having to pack all your belongings and set up a new life can all be a bit overwhelming. All of this is exacerbated if you find yourself in the need to buy new appliances.

Maybe you left your old appliances behind because the cost of packing and moving them is too high, or perhaps you feel like your new home deserves a refresh. Regardless of the circumstances, most will find themselves looking to buy a new appliance or two.

So what should you look at when thinking of appliances to buy for a new home?

Luckily for you, Howard's has compiled a list of some of the necessary appliances to buy for a new home because we know that not every home comes fully furnished with top-notch appliances. We’ll also offer some tips to help identify whether or not you should replace an appliance in your new home.

Click the image below to view a PDF version of our checklist.

new home appliance checklist


Yes, we know that mattresses are not an appliance. Although this is a list of appliances to buy for a new home, we felt it would be a big oversight to neglect this vital piece of furnishing.

Mattresses are such bulky items that moving them can be incredibly difficult and expensive. If your mattress is over eight years old, it’s time to replace it regardless. A mattress should be one of the first purchases you make after signing your lease or mortgage.

Sure, you could sleep on the floor for a night or two, but your back won’t be happy, and your sleep will suffer. Not to mention, settling for the floor, or a futon for a few nights can turn into a month or more before you take the time to get yourself a proper mattress.

Additional items like a bed frame, box spring, and bedding can come later, so long as you have a mattress for a decent night of rest.

Now, onto the list of recommended appliances to buy for a new home!


kitchen with Samsung appliances


This is perhaps the most obvious inclusion on this list. If your fridge is on the fritz and outside of warranty, it's time to replace it. All major appliances have a lifespan, but replacing a refrigerator is often the top priority.

Luckily, refrigerators come in a bevy of styles and sizes that can fit any lifestyle or home. Many people are even making the leap to smart refrigerators, like Samsung’s Family Hub line, as a way to modernize their homes.


If this is your first time moving, your microwave might end up becoming your best friend. Fast, cheap, and easy meals with fairly simple clean-up are hard to resist. But not everyone has the best etiquette when it comes to microwaves. Settling for a used countertop model would be similar to taking the office microwave home. If you’re not lugging your old one with you, chances are you're already in the store looking for a good countertop model.

An over-the-range microwave is a different story. Unless you're certain that a brand new unit is installed, an over-the-range microwave is certainly on your list of appliances to buy for a new home. These multitask workhorses heat your food and function as a range hood.

Performing a quick assessment will help you to determine if you want to consider a new over-the-range microwave. If the microwave interior and exterior look clean enough, you must get a look at the internals. If the unit has been deep cleaned through to the ventilation, it may be worth hanging onto.

If the ventilation system or filters are caked up with grease and debris, you must deep clean it and replace parts as needed.

Range or Cooktop/Oven

There’s nothing like home-cooked food, but you won’t be making much of that if you’re stuck with a faulty oven. Not every stove will require automatic replacement. Again, it depends on the condition and age.

Units still under warranty can at least be repaired, but older models may be past the point where repairs will cost more than the unit is worth.

If your home's oven is past its warranty, it’s best to start planning and saving in preparation for a replacement. Since you’re dealing with fire or heat inside of the home, you want to play it safe. Things to look out for are faulty ignitors, uneven heat distribution, an oven door that doesn’t seal properly, and broken control panels or regulators.

New units offer so many new features like dual fuel, Wi-Fi connectivity, and even built-in air fryers. The list of options may astound you and will make you glad you added it to your list of appliances to buy for a new home.

side view of stacked laundry

Washer and Dryer

If this is your first home, you may find yourself in need of an at-home washer and dryer for the first time in your life. No more running out to the laundromat or the shared machines for the complex. For some, this is a blessing; others may take a while to shake the old habit.

If the washer and dryer came with the home, chances are you didn’t get the opportunity to take them for a test run during the buying process. You will need to run a load through your washer and dryer first to see how well they work. 

Things to watch out for are excessive noise, violent shaking, leaking, damp clothes after a drying cycle, burning smell, or water not properly filling the drum. These are major red flags, especially if the unit is reaching its lifespan; 13 years for dryers and 10 years for washers.

If the washer needs to go, it may end up being worth replacing both units as they can often be purchased as a package deal.

Head to Howard’s

We hope this list of appliances to buy for a new home has helped your decision-making or removed some of the guesswork. Having a new home should be a time of joy and allow you to showcase who you are. To help make transitions like this easier, Howard’s offers a 60-day price match guarantee so you can be confident in your purchase and start to enjoy living in your new home.

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Jennair Double Wall Oven

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GE Smart Washer

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