Party Planning Tips For Game Day

September 10, 2019 by James Smith

Millions of people from around the country look forward to the start of football season each year, and the most loyal fans gather each Sunday to share the experience with family and friends. Along with great food and intense office rivalries, football season represents the excitement and entertainment we crave from our favorite teams.

Some fans make a point to get out to the stadium each week to sit in the stands and cheer on their team live. Tailgating is a part of the culture for the most die-hard fans who simply cannot resist face paint and foam fingers. As thrilling as watching the big game in person can be, there’s nothing like throwing on your jersey and watching the game from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer cooking your own game day food, start a new Sunday tradition and follow these party preparation tips for your next game day party.

Prepare Party Food Like a Pro

The key to throwing a top-notch game day celebration from your home is preparation. The last thing you want is having to scramble to put out all the appetizers and entrees as your guests are arriving. Any food that can be prepared the night before should be. It’s much quicker to pull an already marinated steak out of your fridge and throw it on the barbecue rather than missing the first quarter of action while you rush to finish the meal.

Burger patties can be pre-formed, cheese and veggies can be sliced, and wings can be coated, chilled, and ready for the oven or fryer. Doing your prep work grants you more time to cheer on your team and keeps your kitchen clean throughout the game.

Keep Cool

If you’re prepping your gameday treats the night before, you’ll need a reliable refrigerator to keep your food chilled for the pre and post-game celebrations. It’s important to organize the contents of your fridge so the items you need the most are right up front and you’re not constantly shifting everything around. You’ll probably go back for seconds of potato salad, so don’t reach for it way in the back—keep it by the doors so you can easily grab a second scoop. It’s also a good idea to store drinks on a different shelf or drawer to separate adult beverages from the kid’s drinks. If your fridge has a separate drink rack on the door, that’s a good place to store the kid’s drinks so they know exactly where to find their root beer.

Grillin’ & Chillin’

You can’t watch football without deliciously charred cuisine—it’s the key to throwing a successful game day party. If you’re tailgating, you’re bound to load up the grill and bags of charcoal and head to the stadium, but if you’re staying at home, move the party to the backyard for an old-fashion football feast. It’s a good idea to have extra fuel on hand in case you need that extra rack of celebratory ribs. Nothing will deflate the mood faster than realizing the kitchen is closed because you didn’t check the tank level.

If you decide to stay indoors to do your cooking, the stove will do the trick. Make sure you have a hot skillet or cast-iron pan to mimic the taste and those grill lines you’d normally get from the barbecue. Keep the pan nice and hot and don’t forget the oil.

Don’t Stress This Mess

Without a doubt, anytime you throw a party there will be a mess left in your wake. Hosting your friends and family means chip crumbs and queso stains all over the counter and tablecloth. Have a plan for a quick and seamless cleanup to keep your kitchen tidy. Keep a supply of large trash bags handy for tossing all the bones, napkins, and paper plates, and load the dishwasher as you’re done preparing each item so you can keep track of the dirty dishes without towering stacks of plates in the kitchen.

Think Outside the Field

There is so much more to a game day party than just burgers and dogs, but not everyone is adept at making football party menus to entertain a large number of people. If you’re pressed for time and have a lot of food to prepare before kickoff, try using convection to cook your meal even faster. You’ll reduce the steps in-between courses and can quickly and conveniently cook the appetizers while preparing the main dish. Don’t forget to be creative! Look for recipes you wouldn’t normally make or put your own twist on those classic recipes. If you can’t ditch your desire to flip some patties, search for unique ways to prepare them in your oven or on the stove.

Show Your True Colors

The most important aspect of preparing for a football party is showing support for your favorite team. Don’t forget to decorate your kitchen and represent your squad with team colors and logos, banners, streamers, cups, tablecloths, and decorative dishware. You can even pick up a pack of those football cupcakes—they’re a hit at any occasion! Decorating helps immerse all your guests into the gameday culture and makes them feel at home (even if they are rooting for the opposing team). Still throw on your favorite hat or jersey—but adding a little extra flair in the kitchen is sure to showcase your energy, excitement, and love for the game.

If you’re struggling with game day food ideas or need a little extra help deciding what appliances will match your cooking needs during football season, go long with Howard’s Appliance. Our line of products and professional expertise are sure to be a touchdown!

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