A Guide to Post-Summer Cleaning

September 3, 2019 by Dale Dauterive

We are officially stuck in the dog days of summer, the time of year that practically guarantees a feeling of idleness and lethargy. A general feeling of laziness can be good during the summer months as it aligns with the happiest parts of what the season represents: dipping your toes in the pool, taking a warm nap on the beach, binging your favorite movies, or gently swaying back and forth in a hammock sipping on a refreshing beverage.

Sluggishness, on the other hand, is what follows at the conclusion of summer vacation. It’s the feeling you must confront when you’re shaking out sandy towels, cleaning out the remaining drinks left in the cooler, and daydreaming about your next vacation. Once you come to terms with the reality that laundry doesn’t disappear and kitchens need to be cleaned, there’s probably a whole list of chores to catch up on.

If it’s still too warm to comfortably clean the house, here are a few tips for tackling the daily cleaning while retaining that vacation state-of-mind.

Up & At ‘Em

Even if you’re accustomed to sleeping until 10 in the morning, try to get an early start to your day. Bribe yourself with a little caffeine boost if you need it and get to work on your chores during the coolest part of the day. Your oven and dryer produce enough heat as it is, trying to clean the kitchen or do the laundry during the heat of the day make your chores that much more difficult. Wake up early, pour yourself a cup of joe, play some music, and get those chores done. The sooner your cleaning is done the sooner you can get back to planning the next vacation.

Organize the Fridge

Once you return from your summer vacation and take the time to look inside your fridge, there may be expired food or items you no longer need. Keeping the fridge tidy and organized serves an important function for the up-keep of your appliance, but it’s also a cleaning task you can look forward to—it’s nice and cool in there, right? If you’re backed up on meats and produce from your summer vegetable garden, throw it out, toss it in the freezer, or plan to make a meal with it the same day before it goes bad.

Put Away What You Don’t Need

Don’t think of your chores as a full-blown, top-to-bottom spring cleaning—simply give yourself a fresh start to fall by putting your household items in the correct place. Start with your kitchen cabinets and try to organize the stacks of dishware and mugs. Choose the platters and serving trays you want to use for the rest of the year and set aside the watermelon slicer and barbecue skewers until next spring. Stow away all appliances you don’t plan to use during the fall to alleviate clutter and keep your kitchen space organized. That means the ice cream maker and popsicle molds that made their way out for the final Labor Day barbecue have to go back to the garage.

It’s a Clean Sweep

Cleaning or mopping the floors have be one of the most labor-intensive of all household tasks, but it’s also one of the most necessary tasks in your cleaning regimen. If you’ve been in and out of the house all summer going to the lake, beach, or your kid’s baseball games, you’re bound to track in a considerable amount of dirt. It’s hard to sweep the floors when you’re daydreaming about mai tai’s, but if you keep your home in clean, pristine shape, it can still feel like a vacation spot—if you have a pool that is.

Keeping the floors clean prevents populations of ants and other insects that are especially active during the summer months from finding a home in your kitchen and getting into your cabinets and food. If you’re still struggling to clean the floors—try putting on your headphones and playing some air-guitar with the broom to make your chores a little livelier.

Grill as a Cucumber

Summer is the season of cooking just about every meal out back on the barbecue—but what do you do once you put the tongs and spatulas away? If you try to bring those grill grates in the house, you’re asking for a greasy mess filling up in your sink and ruining your kitchen sponge. Instead, clean the grates outside in-between each use. Scrub with a grill brush or other coarse cleaning brush, remove anything coating the burners, wipe away any debris out of the bottom of the grill, empty the grease tray, and clean the outside of the grill with soap and water. Cleaning the grill regularly will make for faster cooking times and effortless cleanup, ensuring you’re chill as a cucumber after each meal.

One Step at a Time

If it’s still too hot or you’re just not ready to let go of your summer adventures quite yet, don’t worry about a full-scale kitchen scrub. Divide and conquer—deal with one large area of the house each day and move on to a new area the following day. You won’t have to worry about the stress of never-ending chores, but you’ll still feel just as satisfied taking your own pace instead of cleaning in a full-blown crisis-mode. If your home is in solid shape by the end of the week, you can get back to more important things, like hitting the pool or going shopping for new appliances. We know a great place!

If you’re having trouble getting in the cleaning groove or need some help deciding what appliances offer efficient cleaning modes, come on by to any one of our Howard’s Appliance stores. We have the products and professional expertise to help you with any appliance or cleaning need.


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