Professional Grade Appliances You Can Buy @ Howard's

April 29, 2020

If it’s good enough for the pros, it’s good enough for you. This blog covers some of the best professional grade appliances that can be purchased at Howard's.

Thermador Pro Grade Kitchen

If you consider yourself a great home cook, you probably know that professional grade appliances can make a noticeable difference when navigating the kitchen and crafting your culinary masterpieces.

Some will try to argue that true cooks can use any appliances and still produce good food, but there’s also a reason the most skilled chefs in the world use professional grade appliances. Sure, you can cook on any stove or keep your food in any refrigerator. But, doing what the pros do and having professional grade appliances can make all the difference in not only the look and feel of your kitchen, but the taste of your food, and the passion you cook with.

Here are five professional grade appliances at Howard’s that can satisfy all of your needs, whether they’re style and appearance or your untapped culinary output.

Professional Ranges

If you prefer to have a centerpiece to the kitchen and enjoy a single unit that handles all of the heavy-lifting, a professional range will pull the lion's share of the weight in the kitchen.

These stunning professional-grade ranges provide outstanding cooking performance, and manufacturers have grown savvy to the demands of homeowners by matching their cooking abilities with beautiful aesthetics and cooktop customization choices. Coupled with tremendously helpful features and technology, these professional grade appliances are true multitasking masters.

Options like Thermador’s Pro Grand Ranges or Italian brand Bertazzoni’s professional line come in a variety of fuel and burner options with combination ovens and warming drawers. Regardless of your size requirements or heating desires, you will find a professional grade appliance to suit you.

A restaurant-grade range is a rugged and versatile cooking machine that gives you flexibility and power in the kitchen. Explore all sizes, styles, and ventilation products to discover the combination that inspires you and enables your culinary visions.

Slide-In Range

If you want another level of versatility and the ability to place your professional grade appliances throughout your kitchen as you please, a pro cooktop will be your best option and the ultimate compliment to your wall oven of choice. A range top combines aesthetic elegance, powerful compact performance, and unfettered flexibility. These top-of-the-line units empower you to cook where you want, whether you design your kitchen for maximum cooking efficiency or a social hub for guests to watch you work and enjoy a plate right off the pan.

Electric and gas cooktops remain the most common, but a new wave of induction cooktops are quickly making a name for themselves and becoming more common in professional kitchens.

Wall Oven

If you ask any professional chef, they will let you know how important a top-quality oven is to a kitchen. Its uses are far-reaching, and these professional grade appliances are the workhorse in a modern kitchen. All professional wall ovens will easily cover the basic necessities like convection heating, maximum cooking space, and attractive design. Fortunately, new technological integrations into top-quality ovens extend features like precision cooking modes, dual convection options, Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless temperature control, and intuitive interfaces.

Professional models also include numerous design options to fit your specific needs. Users can select a traditional door or even a French door oven. Double ovens allow for twice the capacity and the flexibility of two cooking settings simultaneously. Whether you’re planning a new kitchen or upgrading your current home, rest assured you can find the exact wall oven to complete your perfect kitchen. These sturdily constructed professional grade appliances are designed to feed your family for years to come.

Range Hood

Have you ever been to a smoky restaurant? We’re hoping you haven’t, and you can thank range hoods and ventilation for that. A top-quality ventilation hood keeps your kitchen and home free of cooking fumes, odors, and if you left something on the burner too long, smoke. Not only that, but they also do it quietly so as not to overtake your home with the sounds of a running fan.

Top brands like Ventahood, Thermador, and Monogram also include options to illuminate your cooking area, built-in utensil racks, and even safety features like warning lights if the vents sense an issue or require maintenance. While often overlooked in the realm of professional grade appliances, not only do they complete the look of a kitchen, but ventilation hoods make a tremendous difference in the kitchen and help make your home fresher and safer.


The best bars and restaurants always have ice on hand and lots of it. If your goal is to get professional grade appliances that’ll transform your home into a micro eatery or venue to host friends, having the convenience of ice is a must.

An under counter ice maker offers a seamless solution to a kitchen or outside bar, so you won’t have to worry about buying gaudy bags of ice that overcrowd your freezer. They’re sleek and slim designs fit into many available spaces. The front paneling can custom match your cabinetry and some even offer colored LED lighting for the storage compartment. One thing to consider is the type of ice you prefer so you can enjoy your drinks the way you like them.

Look to Howard’s For Inspiration

Professional appliances offer unrivaled performance and a unique blend of professional and luxurious aesthetics. Whether you’re interested in a top-of-the-line range for cooking chef quality dishes or an oven that makes the greatest souffles around, professional appliances will elevate not only your home but your abilities.

If you’re worried these products might be out of your price range, Howard’s offers manufacturer rebates on qualifying models as part of many of the brand’s incentive models. These programs often reward bundle purchases with free appliances, like dishwashers, or discounts on additional units. Visit your local Howard’s store for inspirational vignettes and speak to our trained sales staff about the professional appliances we have to offer.

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