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Pros and Cons of Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

December 8, 2022

If you are shopping for a new refrigerator, you are already aware there are many different styles available for you to choose from. Before making such a big decision, it is helpful to weigh the pros and cons of each type of refrigerator.

Here are our thoughts on bottom freezer refrigerators and cases in which they can be beneficial.

bottom frezzer

Bottom freezer refrigerators are great for people or families that want to have the refrigerated portion of the fridge more accessible than the freezer. These are also great options for people that have a separate freezer or do not utilize the freezer as much.

The Benefits

There are many benefits associated with a bottom freezer refrigerator including:

  • Ease of access to refrigerated items. If your family regularly has fresh food, this is ideal. This refrigerator type eliminates the need to bend over to search through the bottom refrigerator shelves.
  • More arrangement options. Bottom freezer refrigerators offer more options, such as drawers and shelves in the freezer section of the refrigerator allowing you to customize the storage to meet your needs.
  • Wide shelving options. As opposed to a side-by-side refrigerator, bottom freezer styles can offer full-width shelves allowing you to store pizza boxes or wide items more easily.
  • Low price point. Bottom freezer refrigerators start at a lower price point than side-by-side refrigerators and French Door refrigerators.

The Drawbacks

With every option in life, there are pros and cons. With a bottom freezer refrigerator, some of the drawbacks include:

  • Difficult access to frozen items. You will need to bend over to access all your frozen items and due to the setup and drawers these freezers have, it can be difficult to see items in your freezer because you will often need to stack them.
  • Limited freezer space. The number of drawers included in bottom freezers take up precious space limiting the amount of space you will have to store frozen items. If you purchase a large amount of frozen items regularly, you may want to consider a second freezer.
  • Limited features. Generally speaking, bottom freezer refrigerators lack in additional features like water dispensers and Wi-Fi capability. These can be options, but often require added expense.

Ready For a New Refrigerator?

If you’re still on the fence about which type of refrigerator is best for your home, we suggest taking a look at our refrigerator buying guide. The experts at Howard’s are also ready and waiting to help you make the decision on what is best to meet your needs.

Stop into a Howard’s appliance location near you to have one of our experts help you find the perfect model. Browse online, give us a call, or visit any of our appliance stores throughout California to get more information.

LG Bottom Freezer

LG 12 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Whirlpool Bottom Freezer

Whirlpool 33-inches wide Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with SpillGuard™ Glass Shelves - 22 cu. ft

FP Bottom Freezer

Fisher and Paykel Freestanding Refrigerator Freezer, 32", 17.1 cu ft, Ice


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