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November 13, 2020

Looking to simplify your life? Read about this and other life-changing features you need with your new washer and dryer. Shop our selection in our Southern California stores.

Smart Laundry

Smart washers and dryers are life-changing, plain, and simple. Without even realizing it, we have let our laundry habits dictate our schedules. Tired and want to go to bed? Well, you can’t. You need to put your clothes into the dryer so they can be worn tomorrow.
Do you need to throw one last load in to have your laundry all caught up and clean? Well, the laundry detergent is out so you need to make an unexpected trip to the store.
And what about the times you forget to put washed clothes immediately into the dryer? You can’t un-smell that smell, so time to completely rewash.
Smart appliances let you take control of your time and live your life, with laundry working around your schedule. Wondering what exactly makes a smart washer and dryer smart? These appliances connect to your home’s Wifi. Once connected, they are able to be programmed using a smartphone app and/or voice command.

Life-Changing Washer & Dryer Features

The Ability To Schedule Your Wash and Dry Cycles.

Let your laundry work around your life, not the other way around. Using your smartphone, you can program the start times of your cycles. But even better, is the option to schedule when the load time ends.
PRO TIP: Save even more money by scheduling your washer and dryer cycles to run during off-peak hours.

Receive Notifications and Updates

Receive updates the second cycle is completed. Also, receive notifications if your washer or dryer experiences any issues that diagnostics catch.
PRO TIP: Make sure to set up your detergent level reminder to receive an alert when more detergent is needed. That means it is time to add it to your shopping list.

Enhanced Laundry Settings

  • Did you know you can now wash even the most delicate of fabrics at home rather than needing to use a dry cleaning service? All you need to do is download a specialty cycle on the app!
  • Take the guesswork out of detergent amounts and let your washer choose and use the appropriate amount.
  • Unsure of what setting to use? Use your app on your smartphone to tell your washing machine or dryer about your load, including color, fabrics, size, etc, and your appliance will choose the correct setting.

Are you ready for a new smart washer and dryer?

We can help. You can stop into one of our 12 locations in Southern California to shop in-person and work with an experienced specialist on finding the appliance that fits your lifestyle, or you can shop online at Howard’s offers free home delivery on appliance purchases over $399 to the Southern California area.

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