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The Best Top Load Washer and Dryers of 2022

October 7, 2022

If you are in the market for a new washer and dryer set, you are already aware that is a big investment that you will want to take seriously. Ideally, your new washer and dryer will not only last you for years to come but also make your daily chores easier.

At Howard's, we get the privilege of seeing countless models each year, testing them out in person, and hearing our customers' feedback. With this knowledge combined, we have carefully compiled a list of the best washers and best dryers of 2022 below to make your shopping experience even easier.

LG Large Capacity Laundry Pair

This washer and dryer set from LG includes countless features to help you get your clothes clean in less time and more efficiently. With the LG TurboWash3D™ wash cycle, you can clean a regular load of laundry in as little as 37 minutes.

This laundry set also features Smart Pairing™ letting the washer automatically set the dryer to the optimal dry cycle based on your particular load.

Other features we love about this set include:

  • A four-way gentle agitator to clean your clothes from all directions.
  • ThinQ Care and Wi-Fi capability provides you with proactive maintenance alerts on your phone and allows you to control your washer and dryer remotely.
  • Load-sensing technology to ensure the right water level is used every time improving water efficiency.
  • Mega Capacity 5.3 cubic foot washer and 7.3 cubic foot dryer allow you to do more laundry in less time, leaving you more time for things you love.

Samsung’s Energy-Efficient Laundry Pair

This quality top load washer with Super Speed and 7.4 cubic foot dryer with built-in Sensor Dry from Samsung definitely made our top list for 2022. The washer features a 36-minute Super Speed cycle, a deep fill option, and a built-in water faucet to easily pre-rinse soiled clothes.

This pair brings these features to your laundry room making your life a little easier.

  • Self-Clean technology removes bacteria and dirt from your washer and automatically notifies you periodically to run the wash cycle.
  • EZ Access, shallow tub making it easy to reach the bottom of the washer to remove clothes.
  • VRT Plus™ Technology minimizes noise and vibrations to minimize laundry room disturbances allowing you to clean your clothes any time of the day without disruption.
  • Energy Star ratings with high energy efficiency.
  • Samsung’s signature Senor Dry technology senses moisture levels and prevents over drying of clothes.
Samsung Laundry Pair

Maytag’s Smart Laundry Pair

If you are looking for a quality, smart laundry pair this washer and dryer from Maytag are one of our top choices this year.

With the Maytag App, you can control your laundry remotely and no load gets left behind with notifications to let you know the cycles are complete. These smart appliances can also be paired with a Google or Alexa device, so you can control them from any room in your home.

Other features that you will get with these include:

  • Maytag® Commercial Technology gives you commercial-grade parts that work year after year. The parts also come backed with a 10-year limited parts warranty.
  • Energy Star ratings with high energy efficiency.
  • Washer and dryer cycle matching takes the guesswork out of laundry by subscribing to the Maytag app. The app will tell you which cycles will dry your clothes best. The subscription will also give you Smart Tips on how to take care of your clothes.
  • Advanced Vibration Control™ keeps the noise levels of your washer down to a minimum.
  • The washer also features a slow closing lid and a stainless-steel washing bucket for durability.
  • Advanced Moisture Sensing to sense the moisture in the dryer and the air temperatures and adjust dry time accordingly.
  • Steam settings to relax even the most stubborn of wrinkles.
Maytag Laundry Pair

LG’s Sleek, Mega Capacity Pair

This sleek, black steel Wi-Fi-enabled laundry pair from LG will help you have more laundry cleaned in less time with the large capacity of this washer and dryer and features like exclusive LG TurboWash3D™.

We know you will love all the features this pair has to offer. Some highlights include:

  • A Sensor Dry system that measures the moisture levels in the dryer and automatically adjusts dry time accordingly to save energy.
  • LG’s TurboSteam™ technology quickly creates steam and helps to keep wrinkles and odors at bay.
  • LG TurboWash3D™ offerings complete clean in as few as 29 minutes.
  • 5.5 cubic foot capacity washer and 7.3 cubic foot dryer offer room to clean more clothes in less time.
  • Wrinkle Free setting that periodically tumbles to keep clothes wrinkle-free for longer periods of time in the dryer.

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LG Laundru Package

LG Top Load Washer and Gas Dryer

Samsung Laundry Pair

Samsung Top Load Washer and Gas Dryer

Maytag Laundry Pair

Maytag Top Load Washer and Gas Dryer

LG Top Load Laundry Pair

LG Top Load Washer and Gas Dryer


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