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Three Old-Fashioned Design Trends that Need An Update

July 27, 2020

You don’t have to do a complete home makeover to give your home a more modern look. Here are three trends you can upgrade today.

It’s never a bad time for an upgrade or two around the house. Even if you don’t have the time or funds for a complete home makeover, you can always start small with a new home appliance or room redesign.

Refreshing old trends isn’t just about aesthetics, either. Upgrading your appliances or design trends can also make your home more eco-friendly, helping you save on utilities and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win if you ask us.

Keep reading for a few outdated home design trends that could use some freshening up, plus simple tips for doing just that.

Three Home Trends and Designs to Update ASAP

Outdated Trend: Large Appliances

A running theme for home trends and design in 2020 is downsizing. Some people are going smaller because of the limited sizes of their living spaces, while others are embracing more minimalist design trends. Either way, you can easily give your home a more modern look by upgrading to smaller laundry and kitchen appliances as outlined below.

Upgrade #1: Stackable or Flex Units

Of course, everyone has to consider their unique household needs when deciding on the best appliances for their laundry room. Big families may find that they can’t live without large washers and dryers that can handle lots of bulky loads throughout the week.

But for those who can do with smaller loads or simply need to downsize because of a lack of space, small and/or flex units can totally transform your laundry routine while giving your home a much-needed update.

Go for a front-load washing machine so you can stack it with your dryer, saving a ton of laundry room space. Or, opt for newer flex washers and dryers, which allow you to wash and dry your laundry in two separate chambers of the same unit. This type of unit has recently soared in popularity among appliance trends because it’s typically equipped with luxury settings that let you make every load as efficient as possible. Your wallet and the environment will thank you!

Upgrade #2: Built-In Appliances

Built-in appliances have come in and out of popularity among kitchen trends. Today, they’re at the forefront of what makes a modern kitchen. In fact, the term “built-in kitchen appliances” saw a 160% increase on Google in 2019.

In keeping with the trends of saving space and hiding functionality behind sleek design choices, built-in kitchen appliances kill two home design birds with one stone. First, because they can be customized to fit with the overall style of your kitchen, they can give your kitchen a more upscale look. Second, they free up space in your kitchen, making them perfect for smaller homes or minimalist design trends.

Outdated Trend: Maximalist Furniture

The downsizing trend doesn’t just apply to appliances, but furniture too. Gone are the days of stately bureaus, curio cabinets, and entertainment consoles. As people make do with smaller living spaces, live in shared spaces for longer periods of time, or simply declutter their homes in favor of sleeker styles, the need for appliances, furniture, and entertainment technology that offers the same quality of functionality but in smaller or more practical packages has soared.

Upgrade: Mounted TVs

Who doesn’t love the flexibility of a wall-mounted TV? When you don’t have to worry about setting your TV on a console, you have more options for optimal TV placement, and you can skip buying an expensive, bulky piece of furniture to go along with it. Plus, you can get creative with how you incorporate your mounted TVinto the overall décor of the room.

Outdated Trend: Bulky Beds

Yep – beds are getting smaller and more functional as well. Whether it’s tufted headboards or heavy head- and footboards, people are ditching their bulky beds in favor of more minimalist or practical pieces that offer more flexibility and functionality.

Upgrade #1: Practical Beds

Considering the other trends on this list, it should come as no surprise that in 2020, fewer people are willing to waste precious bedroom real estate on a huge decorative headboard that serves no practical purpose. Instead, many are embracing practical beds that combine headboards with storage, such as shelf headboards.

Upgrade #2: Minimalist Beds

Others are embracing smaller, sleeker beds to fit the minimalist craze. For some, that means ditching headboards altogether and instead mounting art, bulletin boards, or false headboards above free-standing beds.

The Benefits of Upgrading

As you can see, many of today’s modern home design trends are defined by a “less-is-more” attitude that combines efficiency and practicality with sleek, subtle aesthetics. Smaller, more functional appliances and furniture replace hefty pieces that take up too much space or are difficult to design around.

Of course, new appliances can be expensive, and it can be challenging to make the right choices about what types of features are right for you. But because newer models of kitchen and laundry appliances are often designed to be more eco-friendly and efficient, they often pay for themselves over time. Just make sure to do your research – the Howards blog has lots of buyer guides to help you get started.

Howards Can Help

Your neighborhood Howards is proud to offer a wide selection of home appliances and tech designed to keep your home up to date without breaking the bank. Check out our full selection of kitchen appliances, laundry machines, home entertainment products, mattresses, and more on our website or visit one of our stores today.

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