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Top 3 Television Brands To Buy In 2023

March 24, 2023

If you are purchasing a new television, you’re likely planning to keep it for years to come. As with any big investment, purchasing from the reputable brands is often a good idea.

So, what are the top TV brands? We’ve detailed the top three leading TV brands below and what makes each unique.


What are the Top 3 Brands?

The top three television brands to buy in 2023 are Samsung, LG, and Sony. Although there several high-quality brands on the market that we can highly recommend, these three are the front-runners and continually delivering quality and innovation to the market.


Samsung was recently ranked the world leader in television sales for the 17th year in a row in terms of sales (Samsung Newsroom). This ranking is, in part, due to the company’s large size, but moreover a result of years of continued performance and high quality.

One of the unique features that make Samsung TVs stand out is their proprietary Tizen software built into all Samsung smart TVs and the extended QLED options they have. Samsung’s QLED options offer the brightest televisions on the market. This feature makes these televisions easily to see in bright rooms and on outdoor patios on sunny days.

We highly recommend The Terrace TV from Samsung for outdoor patios



LG televisions have been leading the industry for years and are highly recommended by the Howard’s team. In 2013, LG launched the first 55-inch OLED TV on the market changing the industry for years to come ( LG has since led the development of OLED televisions and paved the way to for sharper images and extraordinary contrast ratios.

Their recently launched OLED evo televisions offer the brightest OLED screens yet with more vibrant colors and higher contract. LG also offers a 5-year panel warranty on all OLED televisions giving buyers even more comfort in knowing their investment will be worthwhile.


Sony TVs also make the top of our list of television brands for 2023. Sony has been a major player in the television market since the 1960s and has continually been bringing innovation and unmatched quality to homes worldwide.

Sony’s XR chips provide some of the best sound and visual quality available today. Sony also incorporates LG’s OLED quality screens into their televisions meaning they have amazing image quality comparable to that offered by LG.

Sony tv

Ready to Purchase a New TV?

There is no doubt that no matter which one of these brands you purchase, you will be getting a high quality television that should last you for years to come and the best technology available on the market.

Before you start shopping, we suggest reading through our TV Buying Guide and carefully considering your budget, intended use, and desired TV size among other things. Working with an expert in person can help you decide between leading brands that can otherwise seem comparable while viewing online.

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Samsung 55in Class The Terrace Partial Sun Outdoor QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung 55" Class The Terrace Partial Sun Outdoor QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung 75in Class Q70A QLED 4K Smart TV (2021)

Samsung 75" Class Q70A QLED 4K Smart TV (2021)

Samsung 55in Class TU8300 4K Crystal UHD HDR Smart TV (2020)

Samsung 55" Class TU8300 4K Crystal UHD HDR Smart TV (2020)


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