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Top Kitchen Design Trends to Keep in Mind in 2020

March 9, 2020

From bringing tech into the kitchen to mixed lighting sources, Howard’s is ready to embrace the new decade of 2020 kitchen design trends.

 2020 kitchen trends blue cabinets

Kiss the 2010s goodbye and get ready to embrace a new decade of design innovation and creativity. While bright white kitchens will never go out of style, new elements, like pops of color and mixed metals, will bring their own flavor of exciting kitchen design trends to the new century.

Blues are Back on the Menu

The Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue, and brands are already embracing it. Starting the decade with such a wonderful tone of blue means that kitchen design trends will build off of it as the decade progresses. Pops of Classic Blue will be used to fill in the monotone kitchens of the previous decade.

In the image above, Samsung uses the color of the year to instantly refresh a kitchen setting that embraced the bright white aesthetics. The blue pops of color offer a stunning contrast to the bright white countertops and subway tiles without isolating the stainless steel kitchen appliances.

The Tech Upgrade Trend Continues

On the tail end of the 2010s, we saw more home appliances receive the smart treatment. They gained WiFi connectivity, smartphone interaction, and a multitude of other amazing revolutionary features. This is one of the kitchen design trends that will continue into the 2020s and beyond.

As the integrated tech gets better, its applications within appliances will grow. LG’s line of InstaView refrigerators and Samsung’s Family Hub line indicate a push for networked smart home technology that links everything from dishwashers to laundry machines with the kitchen at its heart.

Sleek and Simple

The 2020s will see kitchen design trends that opt for pared-back streamlined looks that emphasize simplicity. In order for charismatic appliances or small pops of color to really stand out, they require a sleek and simplified backdrop. Designs like plain cabinet millwork and simple countertops or low profile unobtrusive handles for cabinetry and appliances further augment the aesthetic.

Another lavish option that fully embraces the principles of these kitchen design trends is hidden or built-in appliances. These appliances fully integrate into the cabinetry or offer a flush counter depth look. This gives the entire kitchen a uniform, cohesive aesthetic as opposed to the mishmash look of multiple appliance brands or freestanding appliances.

Kitchen Islands Grow

Both literally and figuratively, kitchen islands are growing in 2020. According to a Houzz study, nearly two-thirds of renovated kitchens feature an island (61%). Of those renovations, one-third of homeowners add an island to their kitchen, while nearly a quarter upgraded an existing island (22%).

One reason for these, literal, growing kitchen design trends is the open concept popularized in the 2010s left extra space for a kitchen expansion. Kitchen islands’ offer the perfect multifunction surface for cooking, prep, storage, and even serving/dining space. Island expansions offer space for a second sink, an alternate area for a cooktop or dishwasher, under the counter refrigeration and even specialty refrigeration like wine storage.

Aesthetically, islands offer a space to contrast or stand out from the main kitchen design. The use of alternative countertops, materials, or pops of color is one of the growing trends in kitchen island design.

father and child cooking

Open Shelving

This fits perfectly in line with the kitchen design trends of sleek and simple. Reducing the number of swinging cabinet doors opens up the space of the kitchen and showcases your kitchenware. This doubles your storage space as a visual aesthetic, and an added upside is less clutter and easier to find items.

Mixed Light Sources

Using a central light source isn’t cutting it in 2020. Of all the new vibrant kitchen design trends coming into the decade, we wholeheartedly embrace this one. Installing alternate light sources will help make your kitchen pop, and make the space infinitely more functional.

Recessed lighting continues to be a favorite in this space because of its out-of-sight nature, but pendant lighting above kitchen islands is growing in popularity. Let the main overhead fixture light up the room, while the secondary lighting illuminates specific spots in the kitchen. Be it recessed lighting above the sink or a sconce over a prep area, the added light will dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal and function of your kitchen.

We Can Help

You don’t have to feel like your home aesthetics are stuck in the past. Small adjustments can go a long way to revitalize the look and feel of your kitchen. Ask Howard’s how we can help you compose your home to embrace 2020 kitchen design trends. Stop in today or if you’re in the South Bay area, book an appointment with an appliance expert [Here].

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