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What Appliances Use the Most Energy?

June 16, 2023

Have you ever wondered which appliances in your home are using the most energy and causing your electricity bill to climb? It is important to consider which of your household appliances uses the most energy. This allows you to make informed decisions about how to reduce electricity use in your home.

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In this blog post, we will explore some of the common household appliances that use the most energy and provide tips on how to reduce their impact on your wallet (and the environment).

What Appliances Use the Most Energy?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the home appliances that use the most energy are as follows.

  1. Space heaters and/or air conditioning units
  2. Water heaters
  3. Refrigerators
  4. Cooking appliances (including ovens, ranges, and cooktops)
  5. Clothes dryers

The appliances that consume the least amount of energy are freezers, washers, and dishwashers. Collectively, these consume a mere 2% or less of the total energy utilized by the average household. (

Definition of Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is the use of energy over a certain period. It is measured in joules, kilowatt-hours, or British thermal units (BTUs). The residential, commercial, and industrial sectors all consume energy.

This energy is used for heating, cooling, lighting, transportation, and manufacturing. All these activities add up to create the total energy consumed.

Energy Saving Tips by Appliance

Refrigerators, cooking appliances, and clothes dryers are three of the biggest energy-consuming appliances in the average home. Below we have detailed some explanations for why these appliances use the most energy and tips on how to conserve your energy consumption.


Refrigerators are one of the highest energy-consuming appliances in most households. They use a high amount of energy because they need to power the compressor that keeps food cool and fresh.

Some things you can do to lower your refrigerator's energy consumption include:

  • Purchasing an Energy-Star-certified refrigerator.
  • Clean your refrigerator coils regularly to ensure optimal energy efficiency.
  • Regularly clean out the inside of your refrigerator.
  • Shut the refrigerator door when not in use.
  • Purchase a refrigerator with multiple doors and compartments or InstaView™ so you can see or retrieve items without opening the entire refrigerator up.

Clothes Dryers

Clothes dryers are among the most energy-consuming household appliances. They use energy to heat the air for drying clothes and to power the motors used for spinning your clothes. They accomplish this by heating an element that heats the air.

It's essential to choose an Energy-Star-certified dryer and use it wisely to save on energy costs.

Some things you can do to lower your dryer’s energy consumption include:

  • Regularly empty your lint trap.
  • Clean your refrigerator coils regularly to ensure optimal energy efficiency.
  • Dry your clothes on the lowest heat setting needed.
  • Regularly clean your dryer’s vent.
  • Use dryer balls.
  • Coordinate your laundry cycles so you can place wet clothes into an already warm dryer rather than reheating each time.

Cooking Appliances

Cooking appliances such as ovens and ranges consume a significant amount of energy. The exact amount of energy consumed depends on the type of appliance, the frequency of use, and the cooking method.

Some tips to reduce your energy consumption from cooking appliances include:

  • Purchase energy-efficient models.
  • Use a toaster oven or microwave oven to warm food or cook small batches.
  • Regularly clean your oven or range.
  • Use cooking timers or apps to ensure your oven turns off once your food is fully cooked.
  • Leave the oven door closed when cooking.
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