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What We Love about Samsung Home Appliances

February 19, 2020

Although most people associate Samsung with smartphones and televisions, here's why Howard's loves their line of innovative home appliances. Read more

kitchen with Samsung appliances

Samsung has made a name for itself in the world of electronics, whether it's high-definition TVs, the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, or ultra-sleek laptops. But Samsung home appliances are no slouch when it comes to innovation and technological integration. In fact, Samsung home appliances are at the forefront in that regard, which has helped them become a top-selling luxury appliance brand in the US.

What we love about Samsung home appliances is that they are pushing the envelope in terms of product features, while balancing purpose and longevity. Their refrigerators and washers wow consumers with large internal capacities. Plus, many Samsung home appliances feature smart technology, which allows you to operate them from other Samsung products like phones or laptops.

If energy efficiency, technology, and aesthetics are at the top of your list of preferences, you’re going to love what Samsung home appliances have to offer you and your family!

closeup of Samsung family hub refrigerator


If you want to create a true smart home network, or perhaps you just like the idea of being able to shut off your stove while you’re out running errands, Samsung home appliances are your first option. Samsung offers a plethora of smart appliances like washers, dryers, ranges, and the central Family Hub Refrigerator.

Samsung’s goal is to combine a network of connected appliances and a growing list of SmartThings products like lightbulbs, mesh-wifi, and power outlets, to create a fully integrated smart home. Now, this may not be your end goal, but luckily all smart Samsung home appliances are packed with innovative tech that will make a huge impact all by itself. For example, the interactive touch screen on Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator offers a range of versatile features, including meal planning options, calendar, music streaming, and even the ability to check connected device notifications.

Samsung home appliances offer a full range of integrated technology, from accessing doorbell notifications on refrigerators to checking wash cycles on smartphones. But technological innovations don’t end at touch screen interfaces. Samsung will be introducing innovative new products like a kitchen range with an air fry mode. And Samsung’s SpaceMax Technology™ promises to further increase interior storage space and reduce interior wall thickness. Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor Technology also ensures a consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator.

While not as flashy as interactive touchscreens or light-up displays, these innovations are still paramount to user experience as well as energy and space efficiency.

 samsung range


Packed full of the latest technological innovations, Samsung home appliances aesthetically fit across a range of lifestyle designs and arrangements.

While stainless steel remains a popular choice, it is by no means your only option. Samsung home appliances are beginning to offer more and more customization in the way of looks, and honestly, we couldn’t be happier about it. The wide range of customization options available across Samsung’s home appliances range from stylish wood panels to colored finishes, and yes, you can still use metal elements like stainless steel.

Not only that, but many Samsung home appliances are embracing modular and other space-saving designs, like Samsung SpaceMax Technology™. The embracing of modular systems leads to optimized use of space and allows users to truly design their home layouts to suit their needs. A dishwasher and an oven can fit seamlessly together, allowing for practical use of vertical space and customization. The same concept goes into smaller Samsung home appliances like stackable washer and dryer machines. Or the flat design of side-by-side smart refrigerator doors with low profile handles to provide a “built-in” look to a refrigerator.

Samsung continues to meet the interior design needs of its customers with aplomb, offering users aesthetically pleasing units that seamlessly fit into the home.

Final Thoughts

Samsung home appliances feel like an evolution of the home as opposed to a replacement or lateral “upgrade.” The brand’s continued progress towards modern functionality and look perfectly fit into the future of household designs. Howard’s proudly offers Samsung products across all rooms in the home and sees them as an invaluable brand partner. If you want appliances at the forefront of technology and aesthetics, Samsung has plenty to offer.

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