Sleep Better
Wake up Refreshed and Rejuvenated by Getting a Great Night's Sleep.

Simmons sees sleep as an all-natural performance-enhancing wonder. They don’t just make mattresses so you can get better sleep. They make them so you can be more awake.

Their sleep technology is designed for the most restorative sleep, giving you heightened focus, maximized energy, and ultimate clarity during the day.

Sleep Optimized With SmartMotionTM

Your bed is your sanctuary. And with a SmartMotion Base, it can also become your personal masseuse and sleep guardian. Each SmartMotion® Base is equipped to personalize your sleep experience. Whether it’s a simple adjustment in elevation, a shift in your partner’s position to ease their snoring, or a comforting massage, the SmartMotion® Base lets you optimize your sleep with a touch of a button.

Experience the true luxury of restorative sleep. Not mere comfort. Real clarity...starts with real sleep. You don’t know what a personal best is, unless you’re getting your best sleep.
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