Made for North America,
inspired by Italian design.
When Beauty Is Also Practical, Functional Design Arises.

Tecnogas is a strong company, with its roots in the countryside. It has a history made of ideas, and today, like 65 years ago, it draws its lifeblood from the beauty of its places of art. Its technological passion is driven by the talent of master engineers and the artistic care of the hands of experts.

A perfect chemistry of reason and emotion, of respect and pride for the land that we live in. A modus operandi and vision inspired by the age-old ingredients of love for well-made objects, the art of handcrafting and first quality materials. This is traditional manufacturing at its best.


DECO is captivating, with its traditional style and inspiration from the last-century Italian art. An updated reinterpretation thanks to the appealing combination of four textured matte colors paired with the equally refined accents of cast metal knobs and handles.


Substance and contemporary style come together in the NEXT line, with its exclusive iconic style. NEXT pays tribute to Italy's Motor Valley, rich in details that turn a classic item such as the range cooker into an avant-garde creation.

All SUPERIORE products have been designed with exclusive features to make a big impact. SUPERIORE designs products with the consumer in mind, like their high-capacity ovens capable of cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner all at once.


Dual Fuel Self-Cleaning Range
Door Features
Worktop Operation