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Q: Why should I consider an Extended Warranty?

A: An Extended Warranty is an insurance policy on your appliance that can help to offset the expense of future repairs. Extended Warranty plans are purchased as an add-on contract to your appliance and offer different terms of coverage. Cost is typically based on the price of the covered appliance and the term. Coverage can vary from one Extended Warranty company to another, and the terms of coverage should be provided to you at time of purchase by your product specialist. In most cases, the extended warranty activates when the appliance is no longer under the manufacturer's warranty; however, some extended warranty companies may offer coverage that applies from the time you take possession of your appliance(s). If additional questions, please contact your Sales Representative or Customer Service at 657-217-6690.

Q: Do I have to register my appliance? If so, how?

A: Most appliance manufacturers require their products be registered in order to file a claim and to set up service. The registration enables them to connect the appliance to you, the owner. To register your appliance, visit the manufacturer's website and have the following information ready: date of purchase; item Model #; Serial #; your address and contact information.

Q: My product needs service. How do I set it up?

A: If your product is under the manufacturer's warranty, file a warranty claim with that manufacturer. Double-check your warranty paperwork to determine if that manufacturer requires product registration. If so, ensure it is registered prior to contacting the manufacturer. Most claims can be filed by phone or on the manufacturer's website. Be prepared to provide the following information: Date of Purchase, Model # and Serial #. You may be asked a series of COVID screening questions for your safety as well as the safety of the service technicians. In some cases, the manufacturer may also ask troubleshooting questions to determine if your product can be repaired with their guidance. If not, they will schedule service with one of their approved service providers. If you have an extended warranty plan, contact your extended warranty company for assistance. If your warranty has expired and you do not have an extended warranty, some manufacturers have an approved service provider list, which you can locate on their website. For further assistance, contact customer service at 657-217-6690.

Q: If my product is delayed, how will I be notified?

A: Howard' strives to provide our customers with the best brands and products. In instances when stock is unavailable or if we have to special order an item, we provide you with an approximate product arrival date. That date is subject to change (due to circumstances outside of our control). As new information is made available, our product specialists will keep you informed regarding your product's estimated time of arrival.

Q: Why has my product been delayed?

A: Manufacturing, shipping and distribution logistics have been severely impacted by the pandemic, causing disruption at many levels. We apologize for any delays this has caused you and work to keep you informed regarding the status of your product. If it is imperative that you receive the product sooner than it can deliver, we can provide alternate product recommendations. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Q: How do I cancel or adjust my order?

A: Contact the store where you made your purchase and speak with the product specialist who helped you. He/she can assist with order adjustments as well as a cancellation. For online orders you can contact or contact us via chat and we can further assist you with your order.

Q: How long does it take to get a refund?

A: A refund typically takes 24-48 hours to process. Once processed, refunds will be made in the original form of payment. In cases where a check needs to be issued, checks are mailed out on the following Friday and can take up to 7-10 business days depending on the USPS. Allow up to 5-7 business days for Visa/Debit cards and third-party Credit card companies to process the credit. NOTE: Billing cycles differ from one credit card to the next, so you may not see the credit on your account right away if the refund was received between billing cycles. Please allow time for the refund to reflect on your account.

Q: Is Howard's open to the public? Or, do I have to schedule an appointment?

A: As an essential business, Howard's is open to the public on a walk-in basis. We are following all safety protocols. Wearing masks is required as well as maintaining six feet in social distancing. For Customers with underlying medical conditions wearing a face shield is acceptable. We also offer appointments if preferred. To make an appointment simply call your local store or simply click location on, choose the store you would like to make an appointment at and schedule based on your preference. Additionally, orders can be placed by phone, online, or using a virtual appointment. Curbside service is also available at all locations.

Q: What are the store hours?

A: Howard's is open Monday through Friday from 10am-8pm; Saturday 10am-6pm; and Sunday 11am-6pm. Due to the current pandemic, our store hours may vary from time to time, so feel free to contact the store directly, or call customer service at 657-217-6690 to confirm store hours.

Q: What are the Outlet Store hours?

Howard's is open Monday through Friday from 10am-8pm; Saturday 10am-6pm; and Sunday 11am-6pm. Due to the current pandemic, our store hours may vary from time to time, so feel free to contact the store directly, or call customer service at 657-217-6690 to confirm store hours.

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