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6 Smart Fridge Features
That Will Make Your Life Easier

Updated May 3, 2022

Wondering how a smart refrigerator can benefit your family or make your life easier? Here are six features that make life easier and just more fun! Find out more and order a refrigerator for delivery in the Southern California area today.

What is a smart fridge?

A smart refrigerator is one that is connected to the internet. Depending on the refrigerator that you choose and the brand, a smart fridge can offer several different convenient features. Most smart fridge brands offer an app that can be installed on a mobile phone or other devices to allow the owner to see updates on their fridge remotely.

How Can They Make Your Life Easier?

Wondering if it’s worth it to invest in a smart fridge for your home? The answer is different for every family. There are several benefits that a smart fridge can bring to your family and daily life. Here are some of the biggest benefits and how they can save you time, and money, and just make life easier in the long run.

Save On Groceries

smart refrigerator and phone

We have all been there, you’re at the grocery store and you can’t remember if you have milk in at home already or you need more. You’re not sure so you grab the extra gallon only to get home and find you already had a full gallon in the fridge already. Avoid this problem with a smart fridge.

Most smart fridges allow you to see what is in your refrigerator in real-time from anywhere. Some also provide the feature to see expiration dates on all of your groceries so you can remember to eat them before they go bad, saving you the added cost of buying it again.

These features make it easier to efficiently grocery shop and only spend money on groceries that you actually need. A wifi-enabled refrigerator can cost more upfront than a standard refrigerator. However, features like this could save money, in the long run, preventing you from wasting money on extra food.

Prevent Maintenance Problems

Want to avoid costly refrigerator repairs? Keep up with the regular maintenance on your fridge and catch problems before they cause bigger issues. Many smart fridges on today’s market allow the owner to install an app on their smartphone and get alerts when there are issues or filters need to be changed. The AI built into these appliances catches potential problems like temperature drops or poor airflow before they cause major issues.

Save Energy

Not only are smart fridges more energy efficient because they are newer, but they can save on electricity costs by continually monitoring issues and easily allowing the ability to adjust temperatures. Most smart fridges will send alerts to the user if something is blocking the circulation in the fridge or freezer. Some can also be programmed to run their more energy-consuming needs during off-peak hours, which can save homeowners money in some parts of the country.

Make Mealtime More Fun

Added refrigerator features can make meal prep fun for the entire family. Entertain your kids with music or movies on the refrigerator screen while you’re cooking dinner. You can also have your refrigerator play a romantic song while you and your husband cook dinner together for date night.

Store & Watch Recipes

Eliminate the need to find your tablet or dig out the old cookbooks to find the recipe you need. With Wi-Fi capability, you can easily look up recipes online and read through them or have them read out loud to you right from your refrigerator door. You can even look up recipes on YouTube and watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to cook your meal!

Keep Your Family Organized

smart refrigerator with touch screen

Use the smart capabilities of your refrigerator to write notes and set calendar reminders to keep your entire family on the same page. With apps like Samsung's Family Hub, you can easily open up your family calendar at the beginning of each day to see what is on the agenda for each family member. Leave notes for the kids or your significant other with details on what is for dinner or where you ran out to with the unique whiteboard feature that is available with some models.

Sync Your Home

Select models allow you to sync to other smart appliances and devices in your home. Select apps will let you view your Ring Doorbell right on the refrigerator door, check on cameras in other rooms, or play songs on your Alexa-enabled device.

Where to Purchase Your Smart Fridge

Ready to purchase a smart fridge for your family? Shop our selection online to see the options available to you or stop in to one of our 13 retail locations to see our available options in person. Our team of highly experienced customer service specialists can help you select the perfect fridge for your needs. Howard’s offers free next day delivery on all appliance purchases of $399 or more to customers in the Southern California area.

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