10 Appliances You Need for Your Farmhouse Kitchen

October 23, 2020

Farmhouse Kitchen Appliances in Southern California Farmhouse style is one of the biggest trends of the year. What makes this design different from others that have come and gone, is that farmhouse is a classic. And more than just a design, it is a way of life.

 There are many farmhouse styles, including Rustic, Modern, Western, Cottage, and French, just to name a few. What truly creates the style is a combination of colors, design elements, decorations and appliances. Appliances you may ask? Yes, appliances. 

The appliances you get for your farmhouse kitchen are for more than simply functionality. They double as a decoration and also create the tone for your room. We have created a list of our top 10 Appliances You Need For Your Farmhouse Kitchen. Enjoy and reach out to us with any questions!

  1. The best host of any farmhouse kitchen is the gas cooktop. Guaranteed to fit not only your decorative style, but with multiple burner options available, you can find one that matches your cooking style as well.

  2. A countertop microwave complements any kitchen. But with the right color, size and location, it can make a pop in your rustic-inspired kitchen.

  3. The farmhouse style is not limited by a specific color. A toaster is a must-have, but also doubles as a terrific decorative piece. Choose from white, cream, red, blue or black to accent your kitchen.

  4. All of the kitchen pictures from generations past have a stand mixer on the counter. This is where love was poured into bread dough, sweet rolls, and other homemade baked goods. No kitchen is complete without one.

  5. Refrigerators have evolved throughout the years, and because of the variety in styles and finishes, you are sure to find one that completes your farmhouse kitchen. If you want the focus of your kitchen to be the cabinets, we suggest exploring the built-in refrigeration option. But we can help find the style and finish that is right for you.

  6. Farmhouse-style freezers begin with knowing your cooking style. The most popular style is the refrigerator/freezer combination. However, a standalone freezer is perfect for those who embrace the farmhouse lifestyle and need room for all of their baking and canning treasures.

  7. Nothing starts the day like a cup of coffee. Go ahead, this is your time to choose the coffee maker that’s right for you. And don’t worry, we will fully support you if a Keurig ends up in your kitchen.

  8. Modern and contemporary style range hoods can be a distraction. In a farmhouse kitchen, we suggest choosing a hood that is clean and simple in design.

  9. Nothing says warm, comfortable and inviting better than a kitchen filled with food. A wall oven or even a double-wall oven will give you the room to prepare your mealtime masterpieces.

  10. No kitchen, farmhouse or any style really, is complete without the modern-day convenience of a dishwasher. With a built-in style, keep the focus on the welcoming environment you created in the kitchen, and less on the dirty dishes it took to get there.

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