High-Tech Laundry Machine Features to Make Any Parent’s Life Easier

June 19, 2019 by Waverly Wilde

Being a parent is not easy. From the moment your baby is born to the day they leave for college or decide to travel abroad to Thailand, they add an awful lot of work to your life. Even something as simple as laundry becomes excruciatingly difficult when kids are involved. Laundry is doubled with children because they tend to spill food on themselves often and get dirty from playing outside all in the same day. Multiple outfit changes are a common occurrence for your little guys which means your laundry time washing and folding clothes could become intimidating. A little help can go a long way in these instances, so check out these high-tech washer and dryer features that can ease some of the stress of laundry when parenting.

Remove All the Stains

If you had a nickel for every stain your child brought home, you’d probably be pretty rich. Whether it’s grass stains from soccer practice or blood stains from practicing without training wheels, stains can ruin clothes if not dealt with properly. Instead of scrubbing your child’s clothes in hopes that the stain magically disappears, we have a washing machine feature that will be the wizard for you. Maytag’s steam for stains wash setting soaks your clothes for longer in the optimal water temperature and then steams it just right to lift the stains out and wash them away. You’ll be steaming away the stress!

Goodbye Wrinkly Clothes

It seems like every day you’re pulling out the iron and flattening out the wrinkled clothes your children wear. Don’t you wish there was something more convenient to rid your clothes of those cringles? Now with Electrolux 7 Dry Cycles feature, you can! Simply throw your clothes into the dryer if they aren’t looking as fresh as you’d like, push the option, and your clothes will come out looking like new. It even works on delicates!

Less Money Spent

Bills, bills, bills. You can’t live with them but you can’t live without them. And because we have to coexist with them, why not make these bills a little more manageable? When you use a washing machine that’s Energy Star Certified you’re doing your wallet a favor and the environment a service. These laundry machines are energy efficient, using less energy than normal while still performing proficiently. Now when the kids ask for extra cash, you can use a little bit of that money you saved from laundry!

No More Back Pain

You can only give the kids so many piggyback rides before your back has had enough. It doesn’t help that your washing machine and dryer are so low to the ground that retrieving garments adds to that pain. Give your back a little rest with a laundry pedestal which actually raises your laundry machines by 15 inches! Save your back for being silly with the kids and not on bending down for laundry.

It’s a tough job being a parent, so why not make your life a little easier? At Howard’s we work to make yours a little more convenient. Stop by at one of our locations to find the appliances that will add ease to your daily routine.


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